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We recommend that you have the stone delivered to your driveway, and then "wash" it by having a sprinkler run on it while you stir them around with a shovel. This will remove some of the quarry dust and dirt, and helps prevent weeds from having a place to grow in your stone.

Washing mulch after installation

Although this is largely a matter of personal taste, there are a few things to think about.

Mulch vs. Stone?
This is a question of aesthetics - how do you want it to look? Mulch is much less expensive per square foot, but it lasts only one to two years, then needs replenishment. After installing mulch, water with a sprinkler or hose end nozzle to lock the fibers together to reduce the amount that blows away in a strong wind.

Will the color be too intense?
Large expanses of Sunset, Red Lava, Purple Passion, or Arctic Rainbow may be a problem. Unless you are trying to draw attention to it, hold down the size of these stone features to 200 square feet at most on any one side of the house.

Will the color be too dark?

Large expanses of Gray Trap, Grey Slate, or Red Flint, because it is so dark, can be depressing, however, this is not so much of a problem with Northern Lake or Gray Slate.

Will the color clash with the house or other landscaping features or will the color provide enough contrast against other visual elements?

You should not precisely match colors with the house, as visually it will all merge into one giant color blob.

Could vandals use the stones to break windows?

Lava rock, the natural colored sands, and the fine Red Granite crumbles might be appropriate where this issue arises, since they can hardly cause any damage when thrown.

When multiples sizes of stones are offered, which provides the desired effect?

For stone gardens, where there might be a few big stones installed, generally the small sizes would be used.

Are there any exposed aggregate concrete finishes nearby?

Often, Meramac, Red Flint, and American Heritage are used for exposed aggregate finishes on concrete walkways or stones. A stone of contrast is needed to clearly define walking routes.

Is the stone feature near a pool?

Around pools, use only large or jumbo stones so they won't be accidently kicked into the pool by kids and pets.

After installing mulch, water with a sprinkler or hose end nozzle to lock the fibers together to reduce the amount that blows away in a strong wind.

Washing stone before installation

Stone Selection

Weed Control

Site Preparation

The site should be dug down about three inches from surrounding lawns and concrete sidewalks and should be smoothed out well. The quality of the underlying dirt is not important, but it should be smoother out as well.

We strongly recommend for weed control that you lay down a weed barrier fabric, and use edging to keep grass from creeping into your stone feature, which we sell at our stone yard.

We strongly advise against a waterproof plastic sheeting underlayment, as this tends to make water puddles that encourages the growth of algae and moss.

Although we are not big fans of chemicals, you will reduce your long-term maintenance if you apply a weed control chemical before laying stone.

The herbicide we would recommend in this case is probably Roundup brand, since it is available at Menards, and it is less toxic than most (but still, read and follow all label directions) and fairly effective against creeping rhizome grasses. Another strategy is to use agricultural lime to change the underlying soil pH to create an environment hostile to weeds.

Before Installing Your Edging

The key to good weed control is to remove all weeds, and dig deep to remove any rhizomes of creeping grasses such as Johnson grass, Zoysia, and Bermuda grass.

Although we are not big fans of chemicals, a spraying of Roundup brand herbicide is one of the least toxic chemical means to control weeds, and it is fairly effective.


We sell Oly-Ola brand of edging in twenty foot lengths, and includes connectors and hold down stakes.

Edging should be used to provide a defined boundary between landscape features, to keep the grass, for example, on its side so it doesn't grow into the stone feature.

Likewise, it also helps to contain the stones so they don't move into the grass as pets and kids walk across the border.

Barrier Fabric

Only use a fabric that allows water to drain out. Impermeable plastic under layments can cause puddling which promotes the growth of algae and moss. We sell a heavy spun bonded weed control fabric in 3', 4' and 6' widths. Overlap by 1' for greater widths.

Oyl-Ola Edging from Glacier Stone

Edging per 20 ft. length includes stakes and connector

Slim Edge

Trim Line

Edge King

Black Jack






$ 3.55

Weed Barrier Fabric

3 ft
4 ft
5 ft
6 ft
8 ft











4.7 oz/sq yd fabric


Landscape Railroad Ties

8-9" wide x 6-7" high x 8-9" long - $8.50

Fabric pins - $1.50/pk of 15