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Monday - Friday - 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. through July 15th

Monday 7am to 2 pm April and July 15th - 1st weekend in November

Saturday - 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. April 1 through 1st weekend of November

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Dennis, your helpful Glacier Stone Granville employee
Steve Herr, owner of Glacier Stone Granville and Kenosha

Steve Herr, the friendly owner of Glacier Stone.

Meet Dennis, a Glacier Stone employee

since 1996 is always here to help you.

Does mulch need a weed barrier fabric under it?

Nope – in fact we recommend against it. Mulch acts as it's own weed barrier.

Under stones, which side of the weed barrier fabric goes up?

Fuzzy side up.

Can I get just a half ton?

Sure – our scale works in 20 pound increments, so you can get .01 ton or whatever you want. You want 3.87 tons? No problem!

Do you deliver?


Small Truck -   up to 2 tons of rock or 6 yards of mulch - $40 for anyplace in Kenosha County east of the Fox River. Otherwise, $1.70 per round trip mile, minimum $40.  

Big Truck – up to 6.5 tons of rock or 10 yards of mulch - $55 for anyplace in Kenosha County east of the Fox River. Otherwise, $2.00 per round trip mile, minimum $55. 

The minimum charge zone also extends partway into Racine Co. and Lake Co., but we will use Google Maps to mile them out.

How far in advance do I have to book a delivery?

Fridays and Saturdays from the beginning of May to mid-July are our busiest days, so you should book 2-3 days in advance if that is when you want your delivery, but sometimes there's still a delivery slot or two open on the morning of those days.  Otherwise, we can usually deliver same day or next day if you call us in the morning.

Can we bring our/neighbor's/friend's pickup truck and get the materials ourselves?


Will your big truck damage our driveway?

Hasn't happened yet since we got the big truck 6 years ago, except the time the truck blew a hydraulic line while dumping, and we paid to have the driveway professionally cleaned for our customer.

Can you deliver two kinds of materials in one trip?

Unless one of the items is boulders, it just doesn't work. Boulders can be delivered with either gravel or mulch, you just have to fish them out of the pile once we drop them. Trust us on this one – we've tried all sorts of ways, delivering gravel and mulch together or two kinds of gravel and it just didn't  work no matter how we attempted to keep them separate in the truck.

Will dropping a load of stone damage our driveway?

We will drop any gravel or 4-8” and 8-12” inch boulders on asphalt. Larger boulders need alternative landing zones, such as on wafer board on the lawn. On concrete, we will drop the gravel, but not the boulders.

Can you dump in the street in front of our house?

We have been specifically requested by the cities of Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie to NOT dump on the street and are subject to fines for doing so. We presume these sorts of rules exist in other towns and cities.

My stone was delivered, and it looks so dirty. Why?

All stones come with quarry dust on them.  Some are washed at the pit and are relatively clean, others are dirtier.  Your stone will brighten up when it gets rained on and the dust is washed off.  If you want, you can use a hose end sprayer to rinse off your stones once they have been placed, or just wait for rain to clean them for you.  Firered Granite has the most quarry dirt on it of all our stones.

Should I put a tarp down before you deliver?

Putting a tarp down makes it a lot harder to shovel both stones and mulch back up, but mulch can stain a driveway. If you're trying to maintain a concrete driveway in pristine condition, you should probably put down a tarp. Generally it takes a 12' x16' tarp for us to land a whole 10 yard load on. If it's going to be raining hard and we have a really fresh batch of mulch, you should also put a tarp on top of the pile to avoid runoff.  We'll let you know if the current batch of mulch is on the “juicy” side. No tarping is ever needed for stone, except maybe lava rock on on a bright white concrete driveway.


Where should I have the materials dropped?

As close to your project as possible. If conditions have been really dry, we will go across lawns if you request it, but if it has rained lately, we're not going there. Also, you want to have it as high as possible in elevation if your driveway slopes.  There's a lot of effort involved in lifting materials, even if it is in a wheelbarrow and only a 3 foot elevation change. We also have to watch out for roof overhangs, overhead wires, basketball hoops, and tree branches as we back up and dump.

Can you drop the mulch or stone in two different places in our yard?

Often the mulch just seems to hang on inside the truck, and then all the sudden comes out as one mass.  We're willing to try for our customers, but we can't guarantee it will work out just right.

Can we get a blend of two kinds of stone?

Yes. We charge a $20 mixing fee, and payment up front for such special orders. A few pointers – you should only go for combinations of round and round, or angular and angular. A round stone mixed with an angular stone is just too confusing for the eye and doesn't look right.

Should we use pea gravel for paver underlayment/driveways/boat parking areas/shed foundation pads?

No. Use traffic bond for that.  Pea gravel, being round, will just smoosh out under tires and foot traffic. Traffic bond, being angular, packs down and locks together and holds up much better under traffic.

What should I put down in a dog run?

Pea gravel.

Do you have sandbox sand?

Our mason sand works well – it's not a sharp sand. The Lavender and Red Sands we carry should not be used as sandbox sand – they are too sharp.

Do you carry drainage rock?

Our 1” washed limestone is a good drainage rock.

Do you have Mississippi River Rock?

There's a lot of stone out in the marketplace being called “Mississippi River Rock” that comes from places other than the Mississippi. There used to be two quarries dredging the Mississippi, now there's only one, and they charge such a ridiculously high price for it we didn't feel we could sell it here after the transportation costs.

Generally, what people think of as Mississippi River Rock is a round rock leaning towards the darker colors with red mixd in.  Our Red Flint matches pretty well, but it comes from the Chippewa River.

Do you have a place where we can dump yard waste or broken concrete?

No.  Residents of Kenosha can take yard waste to the yard waste drop off site, and broken concrete to the public works yard. Contractors have to use commercial disposal services.