18-24" boulders, Glacier Stone - Photo Larry Zamba

Boulders 4-8"

$125 ton, $.71 sq. ft.

170 ft. border per ton

7 lbs. average

Boulders 12-18"

$125 ton, $3.53 sq. ft.

34 ft. border per ton

81 lbs. average

Boulders 8-12"

$125 ton, $2.18 sq. ft.

55 ft. border per ton

23 lbs. average

8-12" boulders, Glacier Stone - Photo Larry Zamba

Boulders 24-36"

$125 ton, $34.28 sq. ft.

3.5 ft. border per ton

1500 lbs. average

Boulders 18-24"

$125 ton, $6.66 sq. ft.

18 ft. border per ton

214 lbs. average

Boulders, 24-36" , Glacier Stone - Photo Larry Zamba
Featherock boulders from Glacier Stone - Photo Larry Zamba

Featherock planters are a very naturally attractive way to display your plants.

4" Planter - $19.95

6" Planter - $29.95

Featherock boulders

12 - 18" - $14.95

18-24" - $27.95

Bulk - $.50 per pound

Mellen Black boulder, Glacier Stone - Photo Larry Zamba
Linwood boulder, Glacier Stone - Photo Larry Zamba

Mellen Black

Linwood Granite

Exotic boulders and basalt columns add flair to any property!  These kind of builders are available locally and only from Glacier Stone.

Giant Featherock boulder from Glacier Stone

Glacier Stone has landscape enhancing boulders to create the perfect relationships and harmonies for home and commercial properties.

Granite slices vary in size from 8” to 18”. Price - 60¢ per pound. Slices weigh approximately 15 lbs. per square foot.

All natural stone is subject to variations in color. These professionally created photos are subject to variations in lighting and your monitors color balance.

Red Lava - $0.45 per lbs.

Western Sunset -$.72 per lbs.

Featherock is a lightweight volcanic stone. It can be shaped, sawn, and drilled with ordinary hand tools. (Though it will dull edges fairly fast.) It is a closed cell pumice, which means it will not suffer from freeze/thaw cycles. It does not float, so it is ideal for water fountains. See for ideas on how to use this fantastic stone.

Basalt Columns are an incredible in appearance. Some of the most beautiful examples on Earth are the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, or Devils Tower in South Dakota. Basalt columns are also located on the lunar surface, Mars, on Jupiters volcanic moon Io and perhaps your yard.

Green Quartzite - $1.10 per lbs.

Green Quartzite - $1.10 per lbs.

Basalt Columns - Ask about prices

Red Quatrz - $0.61 per lbs.